Maybank Motor Insurance

Your vehicle is one of your prized possessions as it not only helps you to commute in peace, but also helps you to save a lot of time and money. In fact, your vehicle also offers you with a unique identity and provides you with a means to travel with your loved ones. Hence, you need to protect your vehicle as much as you protect yourself. When you are on the road, you need to be assured that you and your vehicle will be protected against accidents and other unfortunate events and so you should opt for a reliable Motor Insurance policy such as the one provided by Maybank.

Maybank is one of the most prestigious banks in Singapore and offers a wide range of banking products and services to the customers. The various insurance policies from Maybank has been designed to offer you with protection against all kinds of uncertain and unfortunate events in life. These policies will offer you with the financial shield that you require and will also help you to secure your financial assets. Maybank offers a variety of insurance policies that can cater to all kinds of insurance related needs of yours. Higher payouts, affordable premiums, flexible terms etc. are some of the features of these insurance policies offered by the bank.

Overview of Maybank Motor Insurance

If you want to be protected while you are on the road driving your vehicle, you should opt for the motor insurance policy offered by Maybank. It is available exclusively to the customers of Maybank and is adorned with numerous beneficial features. This policy offers the following coverage to customers: Comprehensive Cover, 3rd Party Theft and Fire Cover and 3rd party Only Cover.

Maybank Motor Insurance Features and Benefits

  • The settlement amount is based on the market value of the vehicle when it meets with an accident.
  • It offers up to S$5 000,000 as legal liability for loss/ damage caused to 3rd party property.
  • It covers legal liability for bodily injury or death.
  • It covers legal liability of the passengers in case of a negligent act.
  • It covers legal charges up to S$2,000 for defense.
  • It will offer you with a discount of up to 15 percent on premium payments.

Maybank Motor Insurance Coverage

Maybank Motor Insurance Plan offers coverage for the following:

  • Damage or Loss done due to Fire/Theft or due to other causes
  • Cost of Repair at Any Workshop that you prefer
  • Medical expenses up to S$200
  • Personal Accident Cover of up to S$20,000
  • Free cover for various natural disasters such as flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, volcanic eruption etc.
  • Damages done due to trees during a windstorm
  • Civil Commotion, Strike and Riot
  • Towing Charges after an accident up to S$200

Maybank Motor Insurance Eligibility

  • You need to be a customer of Maybank to be eligible for this insurance policy.

Please read your offer document to get all the details about the coverage terms, exclusions and conditions of this policy.

Maybank Motor Insurance - FAQs

  1. Is this Motor Insurance policy from Maybank protected by the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme?
  2. Yes, this policy is protected by the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme and it is administered by SDIC, the deposit insurance corporation of Singapore.

  3. Is the policy underwritten by Maybank?
  4. No, the Motor Insurance policy is not underwritten by Maybank but by the Etiqa Insurance Company.

  5. What is the coverage offered for damage or loss caused to 3rd party property?
  6. The Maybank Motor Insurance policy offers up to S$5,000,000 as coverage for damage or loss caused to 3rd party property.

  7. Does this policy cover Inexperience, Young and Elderly Excess?
  8. Yes, this motor insurance policy covers Inexperience, Young and Elderly Excess up to S$4,000.

  9. Does this policy offer coverage for natural disasters? What natural disasters are covered by the Motor Insurance policy from Maybank?
  10. The Motor Insurance policy from Maybank offers free coverage for the following natural disasters: typhoon, hurricane, flood, volcanic eruptions, earthquake and other calamities that can be regarded as acts of nature.

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