EQ Motor Insurance Singapore Review 2019

EQ provides a motor insurance policy that ensures that you are covered in both Singapore and West Malaysia. Receive roadside assistance and help with filing your accident report through the EQ Insurance-Mobile Accident Response Service. Also, get assistance with the assessment of the extent of damage to your vehicle at the scene of the accident to speed up your claim.

Key Benefits

Purchase of this motor insurance guarantees you a number of different benefits. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Motor assistance at the scene of the accident in West Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Adequate cover in case of accidental death or disability.
  • Flexible credit card instalment plans with select banks.
  • Daily reimbursement for the loss of use of your vehicle.
  • Up to 12 months warranty for repairs undertaken at an EQI authorised workshop.
  • Timely and efficient claims settlement.
  • A dedicated 24-hour hotline for medical emergencies personal accident assistance.

The benefits and coverage that you are entitled to with respect to any resulting damages from the motor accident are listed in the following table:

Category EQ Private Motor Insurance Plan
Loss or damage to your vehicle   S$500
Third Party Liability (for persons)   N/A
Third Party Liability (for property)   S$5 million
Personal accident cover   S$50,000
Medical expenses after accident    S$300/person


This section contains the instances in which you will not be covered by this EQ Motor Insurance policy. Some of the claims that are excluded include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Loss, damage, accident, liability, or damage sustained, caused, or incurred outside West Malaysia, the Republic of Singapore, and the 80.5 km bit of stretch between the borders of Thailand and West Malaysian.
  • If your vehicle is driven by an individual who is not an Authorised Driver.
  • If your vehicle is driven by any individual under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Damage, liability, injury, accident, or loss indirectly or directly caused by riots, acts of God (hurricane, earthquakes, eruptions, etc.), confiscation, terrorism, or acts of war.

How to Apply

You may apply for EQ Motor Insurance by calling us at +65 6223 9433 or by sending an email to [email protected]

You may also visit us in-person for more information at the following address:

5 Maxwell Road

#17-00 Tower Block

MND Complex

Singapore 069110

How to Make a Claim

Step 1

Call the EQ Insurance - MARS Motor Accident Help Centre 24-hour Hotline at +65 6311 3211.

One of our EQI-Mobile Accident Response Service field officers will be dispatched to the scene of the accident to provide immediate assistance.

Step 2

Wait for the field officer to arrive at the scene. Upon arrival, the officer will take the necessary photographs, record details of the accident, fill in the claims form, and submit the accident form on your behalf to the General Insurance Association. Additionally, the EQI-MARS field officer will arrange to have your vehicle towed to the nearest authorised workshop if it is no longer in a condition to be driven.

Step 3

If you do not call for EQI-MARS assistance, you will still have to report any accidents to the EQ authorised workshop of your choice within 24 hours of the accident or by the next working day (at the very latest). The reporting of any accidents is mandatory. This means it is required, regardless of whether there is any visible damage to your vehicle or not. Even if you do not intend to submit a claim against another party or your own EQ policy, a report will still be required.

*Note: You should not promise, offer, propose a settlement, or even admit liability to any third party without EQ’s prior consent.

How to Cancel This Insurance

If you are not satisfied with your policy at any time, you may cancel the insurance by providing a 7 days’ notice in writing, by registered post, to the address provided above. Should EQ decide to cancel your policy at any time, the same rules will apply.

A refund in the form of 80% of the premium will be made to you to cover the period in which you held this policy. A prorated amount will be deducted. As required by law, you will have to return the original Certificate of Insurance to complete the cancellation process.

In the event that a) the Certificate of Insurance is not returned, b) a claim that includes windscreen damage has been made, or c) the premium due was not paid, no refund will be issued.

Contact Information 

In case of emergency or assistance, you can call the Motor Assist Hotline on +65 6333 2222. Alternatively, you can call the Motor Accident Help Centre Hotline on +65 6311 3211 should you need any roadside assistance, towing to authorised workshops, help with motor accident reporting, or assistance with motor breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Under what circumstances would I need to lodge a police report?

A. If the accident involves a cyclist or pedestrian, a foreign vehicle, injury to any persons, a hit-and-run, or damage to government property, a police report would be required.

Q. How can I expect the market value of my car to be determined?

A. At the time of loss, the market value of your vehicle will be calculated off of data collected from various publications and car dealerships. The data will consist of recent transactions made for the same model and year as your motor vehicle.

Q. Can I insure my vehicle under a basic plan if I have paid the loan on my vehicle in full?

A. Yes. You will be able to insure your vehicle under a Third Party, Fire & Theft, or a Third Party Only cover. The different coverage available will depend on the year of registration of your vehicle. Comprehensive cover is for up to 10 years old vehicles, Third Party, Fire & Theft cover applies to up to 15 years old ones, and Third Party Only cover for up to 20 years old vehicles.

Q. If my car was driven by an uninsured driver and gets into an accident, will I be covered?

A. Yes. An additional excess applies to uninsured drivers, which can be found on your Certificate of Insurance or Policy Schedule. An additional excess of S$3,000 will apply if the driver is inexperienced, elderly, or young.

Q. Will I need to report to IDAC prior to taking my vehicle to the workshop?

A. No. EQ Insurance is not participating in, or associated with, the IDAC scheme.

Q. Will my own damage claim require that I pay the excess?

A. Yes. According to the terms and conditions of the policy you signed up for, you will have to pay the excess for your own damage claims.

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