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If you have purchased a car – whether a new or a used one – you will have to buy the compulsory annual car insurance. Most new car buyers will be persuaded to sign up for an insurance that a particular car dealer has partnered with. However, if you wish, you can choose any other insurer.

DirectAsia is one among the various car insurance providers in Singapore. The company provides a number of other incentives such as simple claims process, customised plans as per your needs and more.

Types of car insurance provided by DirectAsia

The company offers mainly three types of car insurance:

1. Comprehensive car insurance

If you want to get a complete coverage that includes protection for the various dangers that you, your car and others face on a daily basis while on the road, then you should opt for a comprehensive car insurance. DirectAsia’s comprehensive insurance will protect you from uncommon dangers such as natural disasters, floods, fallen trees and more.

2. Third party fire and theft (TPFT)

Together with the basic protection that you need for driving a car on the road, a third party fire and theft insurance plan provides coverage against fire and theft. This type of insurance is ideal for vehicles over eight years old with experienced drivers. With DirectAsia’s TPFT cover, you will get extra benefits such as My Workshop, 24-Hour Assistance from car breakdown and My Accessories.

3. Third Party Only (TPO)

With a Third Party Only insurance coverage, you can take your car out on the road. It meets the minimum prerequisite to drive as per Singapore law. The third party only cover is less expensive than the other types of coverage, but it also offers the least security. If you have taken this plan, you will not be paid for any damages caused to your vehicle as it only pays when you have damaged another person’s car.

Features and benefits of DirectAsia car insurance plan

Here is a list of features and benefits of the insurer’s car insurance plan:

  • As part of repatriation costs under the comprehensive and TPFT coverage, you will get S$3,500 for towing back your car to Singapore from South Thailand and West Malaysia. You will also get 24-hour roadside assistance if your car breaks down.
  • Under the comprehensive and TPFT coverage, you will get compensated (S$50 per day) for up to 10 days for transport while your car is under repair.
  • The comprehensive and TPFT coverage pays you for repair and replacement of accessories that has been stolen or damaged. You can get repairs done to your car at any workshop of your choice.
  • You will receive up to S$500 as part of medical expenses under all three types of coverage, if you and your co-passengers are injured in a mishap.
  • Under all three types of coverage, you can protect your No Claim Discount for up to one ‘at fault’ claim each year.
  • As part of comprehensive coverage, you will get a new car with the same make and model as replacement if your car is stolen or suffers extensive damage in the first two years of purchase.
  • Under all three types of coverage, you will get up to S$500,000 in case of death or loss of both arms of the driver in an accident.

What does DirectAsia Car Insurance policy cover?

You will get the maximum protection with the company’s comprehensive coverage. Let us take a look at some of these in detail:

Protection coverage Limits Comprehensive TPFT TPO
Accident towing Up to S$200 Yes Yes No
Windscreen damage Repair or replacement costs Yes No No
Natural disaster Market value of the car Yes No No
Fire Market value of the car Yes Yes No
Theft Market value of the car Yes Yes No
Third-party property damage Up to S$5 million Yes Yes Yes
Damage to car due to any accident Market value of the car Yes No No
Third-party bodily injury Unlimited Yes Yes Yes
Deductible of own damage As shown in the policy schedule Yes Yes Not applicable


There are many things that DirectAsia car insurance does not cover. Some of these exclusions are:

  • False claims
  • Driver behaviour, which includes a driver who has:
    1. No valid driver’s licence or the licence was cancelled in the past five years of purchasing the policy.
    2. Drives under the influence of alcohol.
    3. Drives after consuming drugs that can impair his/her ability to drive.
  • Modification of the car without the approval of Registrar of Vehicles.
  • Driving other cars.
  • Damage caused by the car because of failing to lock the car.
  • Damage caused to the car while participating in a motor competition.
  • Damage caused while ferrying passengers for hire.
  • Damage caused when carrying more passengers than the allowed limit.

DirectAsia promotions for car insurance

Along with providing car insurance service, the company provides great promotional offers. Let us take a detailed look at these promotions:

  • If you are a Shell Escape cardmember, you will get S$200 worth of Shell fuel together with a 24-hour breakdown assistance when you purchase a DirectAsia policy. However, this offer is valid only until 31 July 2019.
  • If you have a car that is up to five years old, you will get a CapitaLand Shopping Voucher worth S$200 when you purchase a new comprehensive car insurance package.
  • If you have another car that you want insured, you will get a discount of 10% on the premium for the second car.
  • If your car is insured by DirectAsia, you are entitled to become a ‘Referrer’. As the Referrer, you can refer somebody to purchase the insurer’s comprehensive car insurance and both you and the person you referred will receive rewards worth up to S$100.

How to make a claim

When you have DirectAsia’s car insurance, you can make a claim easily by calling the company at 6532 1818 (Singapore) or +65 6603 3699 (international). You will be assigned a Personal Claims Specialist within a day and you will be updated about the progress of your claim via this specialist either through email or phone. At the completion of the claims process, the insurer will help you get your compensation or vehicle back quickly.

Car Claims

According to General Insurance Association of Singapore, you must report any accident you are involved in to your insurer in a day, even if you choose not to claim or when there is negligible damage to your car, as it may affect your No Claim Discount. You are also obligated to report an accident with the police if anybody is injured, if there is a case of hit-and-run or if there is any involvement of cyclist/pedestrian, foreign vehicle and government vehicle in the accident.

Here is a list of details that you must exchange with your insurer:

  • Insurance details
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • NRIC
  • Names
  • Car licence plate

If possible, also try to capture videos and pictures of the accident scene including damaged vehicles and note the accident location.

Information you will need to make claim:

  • Names and other details of eye witnesses
  • All relevant documents required to ascertain your claim
  • Invoices and bills of expenses
  • Medical report
  • Police report
  • Completed claim form for damaged windscreens
  • Accident report

DirectAsia car insurance renewal

To have continued cover for your car, the company may renew your plan at a premium and rate determined by them. However, DirectAsia can consider automatic renewal only under the following conditions:

  • There are no pending payments or policy breach in your previous term.
  • There has been no change in the credit card details that you have shared with the insurer.
  • You have informed the company of any changes to your insurance plan details and it has been accepted by them.

You can opt out of automatic renewal at any point in time by informing DirectAsia 30 days prior to your policy expiry date.

The annual car insurance premium that you pay each year depends not only on the insurer, but also on other factors such as the number of years of driving experience you possess, your age, car model and more.

How to cancel your DirectAsia car insurance

Both you and the insurer can cancel the insurance policy any time by giving a notice of seven days. The date of cancellation will be fixed based on the date when the notice was issued. Once your policy is canceled, DirectAsia will pay back a part of the premium paid for the active period of the policy. The company will charge a cancellation fee of S$90. You may have to pay them the amount due if there is any and return the original insurance certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. For how much can I insure the car accessories?

A. The insurance amount ranges from S$1,000 to S$5,000 and depends on the different accessories chosen by you.

Q. What is the maximum age of the vehicle for it to be covered under DirectAsia’s comprehensive plan?

A. No vehicle older than 15 years can be covered as part of the comprehensive plan.

Q. Can a coverage be extended temporarily?

A. Right now, the company does not offer a partial extension of a policy.

Q. What kind of insurance plans can be taken if a car is purchased using a car loan?

A. DirectAsia will provide you a quote. But before purchasing the policy, you should check with your lender. Some lenders require specific levels of coverage for the car before disbursing funds.

Q. Can a reverse camera be considered for a car camera discount?

A. No, a reverse camera cannot be considered for a car camera discount as the purpose of the camera is to provide the insurer with footage of accidents.

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