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    SBI Corporate Loans

    State Bank of India (SBI) is a famous bank that was established in India. The bank has widened its operations to many countries including Singapore. SBI Singapore is a popular bank that caters to the banking needs of both individual and corporate consumers. The bank offers a variety of retail and corporate banking products in many currencies including SGD, USD, and more.

    You can meet your corporate banking requirements with the help of the several corporate products offered by SBI Singapore. The primary corporate products include deposits, trade finance, loans, escrow finances, and remittances. The bank is dedicated to providing excellent financial services to the companies in South and Southeast Asia. SBI Singapore works to assist companies in growing efficiently.

    Corporate loans offered by SBI Singapore

    Let us take a look at the corporate loans provided by SBI Singapore:

    SBI Trading Line of Credit

    A line of credit is a financial arrangement that provides a loan balance which is provided by the lender to a borrower and the borrower is allowed to utilise and organise these funds. SBI provides Trading Lines of Credit exclusively for traders. When you go for this loan product, you can take money from your credit card account anytime. However, you should not take money more than the amount that has been prescribed in your agreement.

    Features of SBI Trading Line of Credit

    Let us take a look at the characteristics of Trading Line of Credit:

    • You can meet your specific requirements related to your trade with this line of credit.
    • With this line of credit offered by SBI in Singapore, you can fund your imports and exports of your company.
    • SBI Trading Line of Credit will also assist you in financing bank guarantees.
    • This loan product can be adjusted as per the terms of your trade.
    • You can access this loan product easily with the help of the amazing technological platform launched by SBI in Singapore.

    SBI Fund-based Corporate Loans

    Fund-based lending refers to a financial arrangement where the lender commits the physical outflow of money. Some of the forms of fund-based lending include loans, cash credit, bills purchased, overdraft, working capital term loans, and more. SBI Singapore provides good fund-based loans for corporate organisations.

    Features of SBI Fund-based Corporate Loans

    Let us take a look at the features and benefits of SBI Fund-based Corporate Loans:

    • Under the fund-based corporate loan category, the bank provides long, medium, and short term loans for Brownfield, Greenfield, and expansion activities of any entity in South and Southeast Asia.
    • You can select a short term demand loan or a revolving credit facility if you want funds for your company’s working capital needs. You can use such a loan even to fix cash flow discrepancies that are temporary.
    • You can take a term loan to finance your medium and long-term needs. These funds can be used for particular business projects and your capital expenditure needs.

    SBI Credit Origination and Syndication Facilities

    Credit origination refers to the process in which an individual applies for a new loan and then a lender reviews the application and processes it accordingly. Origination refers to every step ranging from obtaining a credit application until the credit is completely disbursed to the borrower (or rejected).

    A syndicated loan facility refers to a loan provided by a cluster of lenders. This loan is structured and monitored by a group of commercial banks. Most businesses apply for a syndicated loan from a bank or a financial institution.

    Features of SBI Credit Origination and Syndication Facilities

    Let us take a look at the features as well as benefits offered by SBI Credit Origination and Syndication Facilities:

    • The loan syndication portfolio of SBI Singapore looks into transactions that are initiated in the Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East region.
    • Singapore is the main place for all the syndication operations of SBI. From Singapore, the operations of the Middle East, Asia, and Asia Pacific are organised.
    • SBI Singapore book-runs syndicated transactions in the main financial market. Book running refers to an underwriting process. A syndicate consists of a few underwriters who are supposed to place a new debt or loan. This is done to minimise the risks associated with a debt.
    • State Bank of India works toward providing safe loans to corporate enterprises across Singapore.

    SBI Asset Financing

    Asset financing refers to a lending arrangement where the corporate organisation will have to use company assets such as inventory, short-term investments, and accounts receivable for borrowing money. The borrower will be required to pay security interest on these assets.

    Features of SBI Asset Financing

    Let us discuss the characteristics and benefits of SBI Asset Financing:

    • SBI Singapore gives exclusive financial solutions to companies in South East Asia when they want to buy tangible assets. These tangible assets can include oil rigs, ships, offshore support vessels, aircraft, and more.
    • SBI Singapore has also collaborated with shipping logistic companies to enhance their regional growth.
    • Your company can select either short term or long term period for this type of financing.

    SBI Loan against Commercial or Residential Properties

    Let us discuss the features and benefits of this loan product:

    • This loan is provided exclusively to corporate and SME borrowers.
    • This business loan can be used for buying commercial or residential properties.
    • Under this loan category, you can select a term loan or an overdraft facility.
    • You can obtain this loan as a brand new loan or to refinance your current loan taken from other banks.
    • You can take this loan for up to 8 years at a great interest rate.
    • This loan is available in both SGD and USD.

    SBI Secured overdraft

    Let us discuss the features and benefits of SBI Secured overdraft:

    • Your business can use this overdraft facility offered by SBI Singapore if you have a term deposit with SBI. This will help you in meeting your short-term requirements.
    • When you go for this product, you can retain your term deposit for a long time until the maturity period without bothering about its liquidity.
    • You can also go for third party financing when you choose this product.
    • You can take this overdraft facility in USD and SGD.


    1. How do I apply for a corporate loan offered by SBI Singapore?
    2. You can apply by calling the hotline number of SBI Singapore. You can also visit the SBI branch in Singapore to get full clarity regarding the application process.

    3. If I want to increase my business’s exports, which loan should I choose from SBI corporate loans?
    4. SBI Singapore offers a wide variety of corporate loans. The ideal loan product for increasing your company’s exports would be Trading Lines of Credit.

    5. If I want to buy machinery for my company’s operations, which SBI loan should I select?
    6. From the list of SBI corporate loans, you could select SBI Asset Financing as this product is designed to meet asset requirements.

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