Best Credit Cards for Graduates

    Credit Card Application

    Did you just get your first job after your graduation? Congratulations! You are financially independent now! You can get your first credit card now and purchase everything that you have always wanted. You do not have to worry if a credit card will harm your spending limits. With a little caution and patience, you will be absolutely fine! What’s more, apart from making purchases, you can also enhance your credit score during this period. This will help you a lot in the future.

    After working for a few years, you may decide that it’s time to buy a new house or a new car. Your credit card will come to your rescue when you want to take a home loan or a car loan. Your credit history will be high by this time and this will help in getting your loan approved.

    Credit cards will also give you great benefits and incentives such as privileges at partnered outlets, discounts, promotional offers, etc.

    Top Credit Cards designed for Graduates

    There are many credit cards in the market that come with exclusive points and benefits for first-time customers. Let us now take a look at some of the best credit cards that can be used by graduates:

    DBS Altitude Card

    Let us discuss the features and benefits of this card:

    • If you charge at least S$25,000 to this card every year, you will enjoy a waiver of your annual fee for the next year.
    • If you spend S$1 on Altitude Travel Destinations packages and on flight and hotel reservations, you will get 3 miles.
    • When you spend S$1 in foreign countries, you will receive up to 3 miles.
    • If you spend S$1 on local transactions, you will earn 1.2 miles.
    • All your miles will never get lapsed.
    • If you pay an annual fee of S$192.60 (including GST) to continue with your card membership, you will earn 10,000 bonus miles.

    FRANK Credit Card from OCBC

    Let us take a look at the features and benefits of this card:

    • This card will give you rebates of up to S$60 if you spend at least S$400 using this card. This does not include NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Up and online payments. You will get 3% rebate on the first 2 NETS FlashPay ATU transactions and 0.3% rebate on all the other transactions.
    • You will get 6% rebate whenever you buy products online. You can book your tickets for movies and flights, reserve rooms, and even buy clothes online and enjoy amazing rebates! You will get an extra 2% rebate on certain transactions made on Apple Online Store.
    • You will get up to 5% rebate for your entertainment and leisure expenses. With this card, you will receive 5% from Friday to Sunday, and 3% on the other days. You can make use of this rebate at cinemas, pubs, KTVS, cafes, and clubs.

    Citi Rewards Visa Card

    Let us discuss the benefits and features of Citi Rewards Visa Card:

    • This card is great for graduates who love to shop.
    • With this card, you will gain 20X rewards whenever you purchase products from Amazon. In this case, 20X rewards refer to 20 points or 8 miles for each S$1 spent.
    • When you purchase clothes, bags, and shoes online or from retail stores locally or abroad, you will earn 10X rewards. 10X rewards refer to 10 points or 4 miles for each S$1 spent.
    • When you apply for this card and use it for your purchases, you will earn cashback of up to S$120. This is a welcome offer provided by the card.
    • You will get free travel insurance when you use this card for your full airfare.
    • You will get Citi rebate of up to 10%.

    HSBC Revolution Credit Card

    Let us take a look at the benefits and features of this card:

    • With this card, you will get 4,000 reward points on online purchases when you spend S$800. These purchases can include tickets for movies, flights, concerts, and events, insurance premiums, food orders, and products from online shopping sites.
    • When you dine locally, you will get 5,000 reward points when you spend S$1,000.
    • You will get a waiver of your annual fee for 2 years when you sign up for this card!
    • Apart from the waiver, you can also choose from an HSBC movie card or a Samsonite luggage bag.
    • On your entertainment expenses, you will get 3,000 reward points when you spend S$600.

    UOB Yolo Credit Card

    Let us discuss the features and benefits of this card:

    • With your UOB Yolo credit card, you will get amazing 1-for-1 deals at various places. You can enjoy 1-for-1 drinks, movie tickets, etc. Visit places like The White Rabbit, The Rabbit Hole, The Cathay Cineplex, and more for 1-for-1 privileges.
    • Get 8% cash rebate on your weekend entertainment and dining expenses. This rebate is valid for both local and overseas expenses.
    • You will get 3% cash rebate on weekday entertainment and dining and online fashion purchases and travel transactions.
    • You will receive 0.3% cash rebate on all the other forms of transactions.
    • You can pay for your purchases at any store that accepts UOB Mighty by just tapping your phone.

    POSB Everyday Card

    Let us discuss the features and benefits of this card:

    • Receive up to 6% cash rebate on your daily purchases whenever you shop with POSB Everyday partners. The partners include Watsons, Sheng Siong, SPC, StarHub, etc. You can meet your daily needs such as groceries, petrol, personal care products, and telecommunication bills by enjoying rebates from this card.
    • You can use this card as your credit card without giving your signature, as your ATM card, and as your EZ-Link card.
    • You need not worry about the validity of your rebates as they never lapse.

    These are some of the top credit cards for graduates. Since this might be the first time you are applying for a credit card, you will need to be extra careful while reading the terms and conditions of each card. Make sure you read the fine print properly before you apply for any card. Choose a card that rightly suits your lifestyle.

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