EZ-Link Credit Cards in Singapore

    If you are a frequent traveller by public transport, you might have come across the hassle of forgetting your EZ-Link card or not having sufficient money with you. Fortunately, there are many credit cards that serve primarily as an e-wallet for your public transportation needs.

    Features of EZ-Link Cards

    • It enables contactless payment for transportation (MRT) so that you have one less card to carry.
    • It acts as an e-purse at food and beverage stores, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and retail outlets as well.
    • There are fewer chances of you running out of money as you can easily opt for automatic top-up using your credit card balance.
    • There is a choice for changing the top-up amount set by the card, issuer, you can do so by visiting any TransitLink Ticket Office and following the requisite process.

    Benefits of EZ-Link Cards

    • Some cards may offer you a waiver on the convenience fee on the top-up you make.
    • Credit cards with EZ-Link facility may also offer cashbacks and cash rebates.

    EZ-Link Cards Available in Singapore

    There are many banks in Singapore that offer credit cards which can easily be linked to EZ-Link. Here is a list:

    DBS Live Fresh Card

    All you have to do is to activate this this co-branded card for EZ-Link is to use the activation code sent to you via SMS. For every top-up you make, it will withdraw S$40 from your account. Additionally, you may link the savings account with this card and use it at ATMs.

    Citibank SMRT Card

    Citi Singapore does not charge you a convenience fee when you opt for auto-reload of EZ-Link transactions. There is an option of Auto Top-up in case the balance is low in your card account. When you transfer more than S$30 for EZ-Reload, you get 1.7% SMRT$ and for transfers below S$30, you get 0.7% SMRT$.

    Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

    This card too comes with a preloaded EZ-Link facility. You simply have to activate the facility by using the Auto load Reference Number (ARN) which will be sent to you through SMS within 5 to 7 working days. You then have to swipe it at a General ticketing Machine (GTM) at any MRT. Your card is ready for use. EZ-Reload will automatically transfer S$50 from your account in the case of low funds in your credit card account. A convenience fee of S$0.25 will be charged for every transaction.

    Apart from this, even the POSB Everyday Card can be used as an EZ-Link card, though there are no added benefits to using it that way. So the next time you get a credit card, check how it can make your everyday life easier. A multipurpose credit card is way better than one you can only borrow money from, isn’t it?

    Ways to top-up your EZ-Link Card

    You can reload your EZ-Link credit card account by GIRO or by a card. When you choose this mode, you can enjoy top-ups for your debit and credit card accounts through GIRO. For this option, you can connect your EZ-Link card only to your POSB or DBS account. When you select the EZ-Reload facility by card, an EZ-Link card will have EZ-Reload with the help of a card. When you want to modify the automatic recharge amount, you will be required to deactivate your EZ-Reload facility from your system and then apply again.

    Fees and Charges

    Let us take a look at the fees and charges for the EZ-Reload card by GIRO:

    Particulars Fee
    Application fee for each card S$1
    Administrative fee for any failed deduction from your bank account S$2
    Convenience fee for each auto recharge S$0.15
    Refundable deposit amount This will be equal to the recharge amount that you select for EZ-Reload by GIRO.

    These are the fees and charges for the EZ-Reload card by GIRO:

    Particulars Fee
    Convenience fee for each auto recharge S$0.25

    If you have a MasterCard or Visa card that is offered by POSB or DBS or Citibank, you will not have to pay this convenience fee for any charge.

    Eligibility criteria for EZ-Link Cards

    • All persons aged 21 or more are eligible to apply for these cards.
    • The minimum annual income criteria for Singaporeans is S$30,000 and for foreigners, it is from S$40,000 to S$60,000.

    How to Apply For EZ-Link Cards

    Simply visit the website of the bank whose card you want to sign up for. Navigate to the name of the card and click on “apply now”. You will be redirected to another page where you will be required to fill in the details like personal details and income details among others.

    You could also go to the bank’s local branch and start your application process. Make sure to carry your identity and income documents with you for faster processing.

    How to Activate EZ-Link cards?

    To activate EZ-Link Reload through GIRO, you can do it with the help of My EZ-Link Mobile App or GTM. For this, you will have to keep your AXS receipt that has your ARN number and your EZ-link card ready.

    To activate EZ-Link Reload through card, you will need your AXS receipt with your ARN number. This is for activating through My EZ-Link Mobile app. When you want to activate at any GTM, you will need your AXS receipt with the ARN number and your EZ-Link card.

    How to Deactivate EZ-Link Cards?

    You can deactivate your existing EZ-Link Reload service on your card by visiting a TransitLink Ticket Office. Here, you will have to submit your EZ-Link card and your NRIC if you are a Singaporean or a passport if you are a foreigner.

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