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    Many of you may have credit cards that offer concierge services. This is common among travel credit cards and invitation-only credit cards. Concierges come either through payments systems such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, but there are many banks who host these services. However, many of us don’t use a concierge because we are not sure what constitutes a concierge service. Let us take a look at all the services you can access through a credit card concierge:

    Find a flight

    You can get a concierge to book your flights if you give them your travel plans. But most importantly, if you missed a flight for any reason, instead of calling your travel agent, try your credit card concierge. They can find cheaper flight tickets, earlier flights and even get you discounts. The concierge will call you on your behalf and get your work done without you making any further phone calls.

    Book your hotel rooms

    If you need a last-minute reservation of a hotel room, or even one for a planned trip, the credit card concierge will take care of it. They will browse hotel booking sites and find you the best alternative, find you the cheapest accommodation, or get you into one of the hotels that your credit card has tied up with.

    Get your travel insurance

    If your credit card doesn’t already have free travel insurance, you can get your concierge to find one for you before your trip. You need to state your needs and they’ll look through the terms and conditions to get you the best deal. If you already have travel insurance, your credit card concierge can even help you with claims and settlement.

    Book an event ticket

    Credit card concierges are great at finding you tickets to a sold-out or almost-full show or event. They seem to have contacts that you can never make. They can get your premium or reserved tickets too. Though there is no guarantee that the concierge can save you a seat at an event you really want to go to, allow your credit card concierge a chance.

    Book a table at a restaurant

    Is there a Michelin-starred restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out that always seems full? Worry not. Let your concierge know, and they might be able to get you in, even if you get a spare table at the end of the hall. Restaurants have tie-ups with credit cards that allow you to get in even at the eleventh hour.

    Get special gifts for your spouse or children

    Credit card concierges can also help you find an almost-new Spiderman comic signed by Stan Lee, the mysterious shade of opal for your wife, or a special edition Rolex for your husband. Even things you are unable to find on the internet can be dug up by a concierge.

    Other things that your credit card concierge can do are getting you tickets to theme parks and other tourist attractions, and last-minute taxi bookings. Some credit card concierges also help with roadside vehicle assistance, travel medical emergencies and repatriation, and getting business information.

    Credit cards giving free concierge services

    Almost all premium credit cards offer free concierge services in Singapore. Visa Infinite, World MasterCard and American Express credit cardholders can take it for granted that their cards would have a concierge service. Some cards may call their concierge a ‘butler service’. Some of the credit cards with concierge services are:

    1. OCBC Voyage Card: Your annual income has to be S$120,000 or more to apply for this card.
    2. OCBC Elite World Card: This is an invitation-only credit card.
    3. UOB PRVI Miles American Express Card: The minimum annual income for getting this card is S$80,000.
    4. UOB PRVI Miles World MasterCard: You have to earn a minimum of S$80,000 annually to get this card.
    5. UOB Visa Infinite Credit Card: To get this card, you have to have an income of at least S$350,000 p.a. IT can be obtained through invite only.
    6. UOB Reserve Card: Those with a minimum monthly cash deposit or investment balance with UOB of S$2 million can apply for this card.
    7. Citi Prestige Card: Your income in a year has to be at least S$120,000 to apply for this card.
    8. Citi Ultima Card: This is an invitation-only credit card.
    9. DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card: This is an invitation-only credit card.
    10. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card: You can get this card with a yearly income of S$30,000.
    11. Standard Chartered Platinum Visa/MasterCard: This card needs a minimum income of S$30,000 per year.
    12. Standard Chartered Bank Priority Banking Visa Infinite Card: This is an invitation-only credit card.
    13. Standard Chartered Bank PruPrestige Visa Signature Card: This is an invitation-only credit card.
    14. Maybank Visa Infinite Card: With an annual salary of S$150,000, you can apply for this card.
    15. Maybank Diamante Visa Infinite Card: This is an invitation-only credit card.
    16. CIMB Visa Infinite Card: To apply for this card, you need to earn at least S$120,000 a year.
    17. HSBC Visa Infinite Card: This is an invitation-only credit card.
    18. American Express credit cards: You get it across all American express credit cards offered in Singapore.

    Your credit card’s concierge service is free to use, and is part of the annual fee. It is especially useful when you are travelling or are overseas. So it makes complete sense to make use of the concierge as often as you want.

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