Bank Of China Singapore Credit Card Bill Payment

    With Bank of China (commonly referred to as BOC), you can perform a variety of transactions and enquiries, online payments of your BOC Credit Card bills and more. To make tracking of different credit card convenient, you can assign aliases for your cards online when performing transactions or enquiries.

    Credit Card Bill Payment features offered by BOC

    Credit Card Repayment Setting:

    You no longer have to manage your own credit card bill payments. You have the option of choosing your preferred payment method of payment for your credit cards and pay all your credit card bills online. Find below the different types of repayments offered on BOC Credit Cards:

    • Active Repayment – You have the option of transferring funds from any of your active debit cards to make payments on your credit cards on the basis on your monthly statement records through GIRO.
    • Automatic Repayment – You have the option of choosing between minimum repayment and full repayment methods. Once you have chosen your payment method option, the bank will be authorized to deduct the same from your active debit card before the date of maturity every month through GIRO.
    • Credit Card Repayment - You can choose to make a onetime payment on the outstanding balance on your credit card/s.

    Other features offered by BOC that can help with your credit card bill payments are as follows:

    1. Past Statement – This feature allows you to review your unbilled transactions for the past 12 months on your credit card/s.
    2. Outstanding Statement – This feature allows you to track the status of your credit card’s unbilled transactions.
    3. Account Information – You can view all your credit card details online such as your reward points, your available credit limit and withdrawal limit, book balance etc.
    4. Instalment History Enquiry – You can track your credit card’s instalment history.

    Making Payments on your Credit Card Bills

    You can pay your BOC Credit Card bills through the following ways:

    Presently credit card payments in Singapore must be made via:

    • The AXS machine.
    • Telephone banking.
    • Inter-bank GIRO.
    • Money Order drawn on a Singapore bank.
    • Cheque.

    Points to remember when making Credit Card Payments

    • If you are making the bill payment on your credit card through cash, do not mail the cash to the bank.
    • Cash payments must only be made at any of the main or sub bank branches of Bank of China.
    • If bill payments are made in any other form, your credit card account will not be credited until and unless your payment has been converted to Singapore Dollars (S$).
    • Additionally, any costs that are incurred by the bank in the process of your bill payment will be chargeable to your account.
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