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    Just like you carry belongings that you cannot do without when you are on a trip abroad, Travel Insurance is an added protection that you should not be travelling without. Travel insurance covers all medical expenses in case of sickness, injury, etc., and provides coverage in case of theft of valuables, loss or damage to your baggage as well as any delay or cancellations to your mode of transportation. Accidents and other unexpected events can happen to anyone, and to ensure that this does not throw a wet blanket on your vacation/business plans, drain your bank balance or leave you stranded, it is necessary to take the right travel insurance policy.

    AXA Singapore Travel Insurance - SmartTraveller

    AXA is an MNC that focuses on investment management, global investment banking, insurance, securities and other financial services and has its headquarters in Paris. The AXA group operates mainly in Western Europe, the Asia Pacific region, North America and Middle East. AXA Insurance Singapore has become one of the leaders in general insurance in Singapore and it has a strong presence in around 59 countries. The company offers services such as insurance for vehicles, homes, equipment, etc., products offering health and personal protection coverage, services for managing personal or corporate assets, and so on.

    AXA Travel Insurance plan in Singapore is called “SmartTraveller” - this plan offers coverage for individuals as well as their families during their travels. SmartTraveller provides protection to the insured whether the trip overseas is made for business or for pleasure. There are multiple benefits and greater cover limits which ensures that the customer will be getting a better value from his/her travel insurance policy.

    Benefits of AXA Singapore Travel Insurance

    • High Medical Coverage: The insured can enjoy up to S$600,000 as cover for medical and accidental dental treatment while overseas.
    • Coverage for loss of Belongings while traveling: Up to S$7,000 reimbursed in case of loss of personal belongings.
    • Cover for Leisure Sports: Get cover for amateur leisure sports such as parachuting, bungee jumping, scuba diving, sky diving, etc.
    • Personal Accident Cover: This cover is activated at least 3 hours before commencing a trip.
    • Covers acts of terrorism.
    • Trip Curtailment due to medical or other reasons will be reimbursed for an amount up to S$20,000.
    • Double Indemnity will be offered to customers who were involved in an accident while travelling in a public transport when they were overseas.
    • Around the clock assistance for medical emergencies including medical evacuation and deportation.

    Eligibility of AXA Singapore Travel Insurance

    People eligible for SmartTraveller policy cover are:

    • Singapore citizens
    • Permanent Residents of Singapore
    • Holders of a valid employment pass or student pass, a long-term social visit pass.
    • Those who have a dependent pass.
    • An insured must be at least 18 years old at the commencement of the trip to be eligible for an individual adult cover.
    • In order to be included as ‘Child’ under a travel insurance policy the individual has to be under the age of 18, unmarried and financially dependent on his/her parents, or not more than 25 years old if he/she is still studying full-time in an approved institution of higher studies during the policy period.


    • Personal Accident: In case of accidental death or total permanent disablement, you can get up to S$ 500,000 as compensation under the comprehensive cover and up to S$ 250,000 under the essential cover.
    • Medical and Dental Expenses outside Singapore: Medical expenses such as treatment for an illness by a medical practitioner overseas, pregnancy related expenses, travel and accommodation costs for a relative or friend to visit the insured during hospitalization, hospital allowance, etc., are reimbursed to the insured under this policy.
    • Unlimited emergency medical assistance is provided along with assistance for evacuation/repatriation.
    • Provides coverage for loss of baggage and personal effects, including valuables such as jewellery. Also, the policy makes a provision to reimburse the cost of purchase of essential items, under such a situation.
    • Pays for the replacement of passports, travel tickets and other travel related documents.
    • Reimburses the loss of deposit if a trip gets cancelled.
    • Reimburses the cost incurred due to loss/damage to the rented vehicle.
    • Provides coverage for travel security in case of events such as terrorist attacks, etc.


    1. Any involvement in governmental activities, war and related risks, nuclear/ biological hazards and participation in terrorist activity.
    2. Hazardous activities such as racing, professional sports, motor sports, underwater activities, mountaineering, or other risky pursuits except leisure scuba diving.
    3. Self-inflicted injury, Improper care, alcoholism, sexually transmitted or related illness, drug abuse, etc.
    4. Pre-existing injury or illness.

    Things to Remember:

    • Trip departure as well as return must be in Singapore.
    • Trip duration should not be more than 182 days for Single Trip plan and a maximum of only 92 days per trip for Annual Plan.
    • There is no age restriction to be included in the travel insurance policy but in order to buy an individual adult cover, you need to be at least 18 years old.
    • If an individual holds more than one travel policy with AXA, then only one of those policies will be considered as valid and that would be the policy with the highest benefit.

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    FAQs - AXA Singapore Travel Insurance

    1. Will my policy be automatically extended if the policy expired while I am hospitalised overseas?

      Yes, if you are hospitalized or quarantined while overseas as advised by a Physician, and your policy has expired, then you can get up to 30 days of extension on the policy.

    2. What is a single trip plan?

      This plan is for 2 adults who may or may not be related to each other but travelling with children who are related to at least one of the insured adults. The family must travel at the same time and return together.

    3. How much coverage is provided for follow-up medical and dental treatment in Singapore?

      A cover of up to S$60,000 is offered if follow-up medical and dental treatment is to be continued in Singapore.

    4. When does the Trip Postponement Benefit begin?

      The Trip Postponement benefit commences 30 days prior to the date of departure.

    5. Will my policy be automatically extended if due to transport issues my travel plans are delayed?

      Yes, if you are travelling via public transport that has been unavoidably delayed, then your policy will be automatically extended to up to 72 hours.

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