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    AXA is one of Singapore’s leading insurance providers and has a wide variety of insurance offerings. If you are a regular or a non-frequent traveller, you might definitely want to contemplate purchasing travel insurance to ward-off losses suffered due to a range of inconveniences. AXA Travel Insurance in Singapore offers heightened flexibility in its insurance offering, making sure that you have a great vacation with your loved ones. Depending on the frequency of your travel, you can choose a plan that perfectly suits your interests and requirement.

    Types of Insurance Plans offered by AXA Travel Insurance

    AXA Travel Insurance Singapore has one major plan offering that popularly goes by the name SmartTraveller. The insurance product is flexible and can be structured to meet individual interests of travellers. So, whether you are a frequent traveller looking for an annual travel insurance package or a non-frequent traveller who wishes to take a vacation with your family, SmartTraveller might just be the ideal choice for you.

    Under the annual package, all trips you make to overseas destinations, whether they are business trips or vacations, will be covered under the AXA Travel Insurance policy. Many a time, organizations employing individuals who frequently travel abroad on official visits, prefer purchasing annual insurance packages to help meet various aspects of an individual’s travel experience over a one-year period.

    Depending on whether you travel solo or with your family, you can purchase a policy that is meant for single individuals and one that involves travelling with your family members. Note that depending on the plan you purchase your family members will also be covered under the travel insurance policy.

    AXA Single Trip Travel Insurance: The single trip travel insurance plan from AXA is tailored to protect or cover you against unforeseen and unfortunate events for any one particular travel plan. The instances where single trip travel insurance can come handy include sudden cancellation or disruption of trip, loss of valuable documents during travel, unanticipated medical expenses, overseas legal liability, and personal accident.

    The AXA single trip travel insurance policy can also have a group cover or family cover for up to 20 adults and 9 kids who are travelling to the same destination. Besides, they must be travelling on the same dates, and the policy covers for up to a period of 182 days. Your trip must also start from Singapore and the policy has to be bought prior to leaving.

    AXA Travel Insurance Coverage

    Coverage Type Coverage amount
    Personal accident S$1,000,000
    Death in public transport S$1,000,000
    Overseas medical expense S$600,000
    Medical expense in Singapore S$500,000
    Trip curtailment S$20,000
    Lost baggage cover S$10,000

    Various features covered under the SmartTraveller policy

    • Protection for lost belongings (this includes all types of belongings)
    • Personal accident (Permanent, total or partial disability) – Cover starts 3 hours before departure
    • Cover against terrorism – includes use of chemical, nuclear or biological weapons.
    • Cover against leisure and adventure sports.
    • Trip curtailment cover
    • Missed and delayed flights

    How to apply for AXA Travel Insurance in Singapore?

    Well, you can apply for the SmartTraveller product by visiting the official AXA Travel Insurance website in Singapore and placing an online request. You will need to fill out the online application with all your relevant details and mention the type of plan you wish to purchase. Whether you’re travelling on a business trip or for leisure, you can find a plan that suits you best.

    Once you apply for the policy on the website, a representative from AXA Travel Insurance will get in touch with you and help you complete your application form by obtaining further details if they are necessary. You will also be required to submit supporting documents that include proof of identity, income and residence. After the procedure is complete, you will become the owner of the policy.

    How to make a claim with AXA Travel Insurance?

    In order to make a claim, you can download the claim request form from the AXA Travel Insurance website and fill out your claim details. You will need to provide valid proof to substantiate your claim and your claim request will be subject to approval only if it is in correspondence with the provisions of the policy.

    A representative from AXA Travel Insurance will get in touch with you to take your claim request forward. You will be given a reference number, using which you can track your claim request online. You can also contact AXA Travel Insurance’s hotline number to make a claim or know details of how you can make a claim.

    In any case, it is recommended that you read all the conditions of the policy in order to be benefited accordingly.

    Check your eligibility for AXA Travel Insurance

    In order to successfully purchase a policy from AXA Travel Insurance, you will be required to meet the following eligibility parameters:

    • The person who purchases the policy has to be between the age of 18 years and 79 years.
    • The persons insured under the policy can be anywhere between 0 years and 80 years.
    • If you are purchasing an annual insurance plan for your family, you, your spouse and your legal children are covered under the plan.
    • Under Single Trip family plans, the adults needn’t necessarily be related but the children travelling with the adults should be the legal child of either of the adults.
    • You can also purchase a group cover, depending on your needs. The eligibility criteria for group covers are slightly different than the traditional travel insurance cover.

    Key benefits of purchasing AXA Travel Insurance Policy

    AXA Travel Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage that addresses a long list of problems that you might encounter while travelling, especially if you’re travelling to overseas destinations.

    • All details of the policy coverage are clear and precise, leaving no room for ambiguity. Details of the policy can be found online. So at any point in time, if you’d like to refer to the features of the policy, you can do so by visiting the official website.
    • Claim settlements are simple and hassle-free. IF you wish to make a claim, you can simply contact the AXA Travel Insurance hotline number and a representative from AXA will provide you with all the details you need. He/she will also guide you on the procedure to make a claim.
    • Claims are settled in quick time. AXA Travel Insurance will investigate the claim and if it is line with the policy’s provisions, your claim will be settled in about 10 business days.
    • You can add features such as war cover, terrorism cover and natural disaster cover to your plan. As such, there are various options that you can add-on to your insurance policy during the time of purchase of the policy.
    • You can make the purchase in a convenient manner – taking the online route to purchase your policy is the most simple and convenient way.
    • Your premium payments will depend on your travel destination, frequency of travel and the type of plan you choose.

    AXA Travel Insurance Singapore Hotline Number

    The AXA Travel Insurance hotline number will help you with any queries you might have about filing a claim, or other details involving your choice of plan. The AXA Travel Insurance hotline number is 1800 880 4888 within Singapore and (+65) 6880 4888 for international callers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Does the SmartTraveller policy cover my medical expenses when I’m abroad if I don’t have a pre-existing medical condition?
    2. If you don’t have a pre-existing medical condition, the policy will cover your medical expenses when you are abroad. However, the plan will not cover your medical costs if you are hospitalised overseas for a pre-existing medical condition.

    3. Can I use my CPF account to make the premium payments?
    4. Well, Premium payments with regard to travel insurance cannot be made through CPF accounts. They can only be made for health insurance and life insurance premiums.

    5. Can a foreigner purchase the SmartTraveller policy?
    6. Yes. Anyone who is travelling to or from Singapore can purchase the SmartTraveller policy.

    News About AXA Travel Insurance

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      11th January 2018

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