AXA Partners with Jaga-Me to Offer On-Demand Home Nursing to Policyholders

    As part of their post-hospitalisation coverage, policyholders of select AXA health insurance solutions will get on-demand home nursing care after AXA announced the formation of a partnership between them and Jaga-Me. The select insurance solutions that will be part of the coverage include SmartCare SME, SmartCare Optimum Enhanced, International Exclusive Plus and International Exclusive.

    Jaga-Me is a reputed healthcare platform and with this partnership, AXA policyholders can recover from their illness from the comforts of their home by easily getting in touch with competent health-care professionals whenever they feel the need.

    According to Julian Koo, the CEO of Jaga-Me, although hospitals in Singapore are quite capable of providing good care to patients, consumers today are demanding more choice and accessibility as they move back home. The partnership with AXA is a unique initiative in Singapore where a key insurance provider and on-demand healthcare company have come together to produce a unified post-hospitalisation experience.

    It is quite time consuming and challenging to find a nurse in Singapore to dress a wound or administer an injection at home. With Jaga-Me, people who require the services of a skilled nurse can get one in as little as two hours upon demand. Jaga-Me has a high level staff screening process to preserve high quality care, which is trusted by numerous healthcare institutions, medical practitioners and healthcare providers.

    This partnership will also allow about 30,000 AXA policyholders gain the best access to a tailored AXA mobile application, providing them the flexibility to pick and manage their care easily.

    According to the Managing Director of AXA, Leo Costes, AXA is always looking to enhance and revolutionise the value they provide their customers. The partnership with Jaga-Me is a significant landmark in AXA’s quest for customer-centricity in the digital age. By partnering with an on-demand healthcare solution provider, AXA will carry on delivering superior care with additional flexibility so customers can pay more attention to their recovery. This also emphasises AXA’s promise of being a payer of claims to a companion to patients’ life journey.

    Along with pioneering partners like AXA, Jaga-Me is aiming to deliver better access through extensive variety of homecare amenities. This partnership is in line with AXA’s faith in continuing innovation and offering complete healthcare coverage to improve the lives of their policyholders.

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