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    Whether you are travelling overseas for business or taking a vacation abroad, it is necessary to add one more thing to your repertoire- a travel insurance to cover you and your loved ones. There is always a high probability of facing an unexpected event anytime while overseas, and to make sure that this does not throw a wrench in the works, it is necessary to take the right travel insurance policy that provides adequate coverage and protection.

    Overview of AVIVA Travel Insurance - Singapore

    Fire and Life Insurance Society, founded in London in 1696 paved way for the establishment of AVIVA as it is seen today. AVIVA was launched in 2002 and with several mergers it grew into one of the largest conglomerates that offer insurance, savings and investment products. In Singapore, AVIVA offers investments, retirement, health and insurance solutions. AVIVA also offers online general insurance solutions in Singapore to enhance the convenience and to save time & money.

    AVIVA Travel Insurance in Singapore offers two travel insurance plans namely - Travel Lite and Travel Plus. These travel insurance plans offer unique coverage as per the requirements of the travellers who wish to be insured. There are various privileges that can be enjoyed when you take travel insurance from AVIVA, whether you are travelling for business or on a vacation. There are coverage options for individuals as well as for families.

    Benefits of AVIVA Travel Insurance

    • Annual multi-trip trip or single trip coverage options are available. In annual multi trip scheme, buying a separate policy is not required each time you travel. A single trip travel insurance is ideal if you only plan to go on one trip,.
    • Comprehensive coverage is offered for zones such as ASEAN or Asia, Australia, New Zealand or Worldwide.
    • 2X7 Emergency Travel Assistance is provided by AVIVA.
    • The plan also comes with assistance from emergency travel assistants who can provide a wide range of travel advice, from country-based information to helping out during overseas emergencies.
    • You can renew your policy or make changes to your policy online.
    • You can also register a travel insurance claim online.
    • Fast and efficient online claims process.

    AVIVA Travel Insurance Eligibility

    • The applicant should be a citizen of Singapore, or a permanent resident of Singapore.
    • The applicant should be less than 70 years old before commencing a trip.
    • In order to be eligible for the insurance coverage, the journey should be a round trip which is beginning and ending in Singapore.
    • The applicant must not have a pre-existing medical condition and should not be traveling against the advice of a medical practitioner.

    Countries Covered

    The countries which are covered under this travel insurance policy include: Asia, New Zealand, Australia, ASEAN countries (Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand), Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China, Macau, Taiwan, Mongolia, Nepal, Japan, South Korea, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia . Under the Worldwide zone, all non-restricted countries are included.

    Countries Excluded

    AVIVA travel insurance does not cover any injury, damage or legal liability arising out of travelling to or in or through restricted countries such as: Cuba, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Liberia or Syria.


    • The Travel Plus Plan offers a travel coverage against theft of money or valuables, up to S$750.
    • In case of accidental death or permanent disability while overseas, a personal accident protection cover is provided under this scheme which is up to S$100,000 for Travel Plus Plan and up to S$50,000 for the Travel Lite Plan.
    • Travel plus plan offers S$2,000,000 cover for emergency medical needs and evacuation and the Travel Lite plan offers a cover of S$250,000 for the same.
    • For medical expenses related to dental care in Singapore, the Travel Plus plan offers a cover of S$50,000 and the Travel Lite plan offers a cover of S$10,000 for the same.
    • In case of any pregnancy related emergency while overseas, the Travel Plus plan offers a medical cover of S$5,000 and the Travel Lite plan offers a cover of S$1,000.
    • A Personal Liability Cover of S$1,000,000 is offered by Travel Plus plan to the insured. Travel Lite Plan offers a Personal Liability cover of S$500,000.
    • In the event of any act of terrorism that the insured is subject to, the Travel Plus plan offers a coverage of up to S$100,000 and the Travel Lite plan offers a coverage of up to S$50,000.


    This policy does not cover:

    • War related issues such as invasion, hostilities, rebellion, mutiny, revolution, etc.
    • Other actions or consequences which are related to acts of war, terrorism, etc.
    • Loss, liability or damage arising out of radioactivity or radioactive contamination.
    • Loss, liability or damage arising out of contamination or pollution such as oil leakage.
    • Any damage or loss incurred due to negligence of the insured or a wilful act such as self-inflicted injuries.
    • Under the sanction limitation and exclusion clause, cover will not be provided for any claim which would contradict any sanction, restriction or prohibition under United Nations resolutions or the trade/economic sanctions, rules and regulations of United Kingdom, European Union or United States of America.

    FAQs - AVIVA Travel Insurance

    1. Is coverage offered for pregnancy related medical needs, while travelling?

      Coverage is offered for pregnancy or childbirth if the expected date of delivery is not less than 12 weeks before the return date.

    2. Can I buy an insurance policy offline or through an agent?

      No, Aviva offers travel insurance online only.

    3. What is the maximum cover period for a trip?

      The maximum period for a trip under which insurance coverage is provided for a single trip is 182 days. However, with an annual policy, multiple trips are covered and each trip can be as long as 90 days.

    4. What is the difference between individual and family travel insurance plans?

      Individual insurance policy is ideal for those who travel alone and wish to cover himself/herself only and the family travel insurance package is for those who travel with their family, including spouse, partner, children, or travel companion and wish to have travel insurance coverage for them as well.

    5. How many people can be covered under one policy?

      Aviva currently serves both individual and family travel insurance plans. A family policy offers cover for two adults and any number of children who are related to at least one of the adults insured under the policy and financially dependent on them as well.

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