American Express iBanking

American Express is one of the most popular banks in the world and has its operations in several Asian countries including Singapore. The bank is particularly known for its credit card offerings – credit cards are the bank’s main product in Singapore. The bank has a credit card for almost every consumer activity, and each of these activities are rewarded in the form of cashbacks, discounts or reward points. Be it grocery shopping, travel bookings, retail shopping or fuel purchases, you can find a card that perfectly matches your spending interests. That aside, like most banks in Singapore, American Express also offers iBanking services to its customers.

In order to be eligible for American Express Bank’s iBanking services, you need to be an American Express customer by way of possessing an American Express credit card. AS such, all American Express credit card holders get access to the bank’s iBanking service. Let us look at the various features of American Express Bank’s iBanking services and see what you can expect.

Services Available on American iBanking Interface

As an American Express credit card member, you can perform a wide range of tasks on the American Express iBanking interface. Let us look at the most common services available to American Express customers on the iBanking platform:

Paying credit card bills: You can pay your monthly credit card bills on the iBanking interface. The bill payment process is simple and convenient and can be completed in a few steps. You can also pay your bill through the bank’s mobile application.

If you have a savings bank account with a different bank, the American Express iBanking interface will redirect you to your bank’s iBanking platform. You can enter your login credentials and accordingly pay your credit card bills.

Applying for a new credit card: If you wish to apply for a new American Express credit card, you can do so by logging in with your iBanking credentials. An executive from American Express will subsequently get in touch with you and help you complete your application. You can also provide all the necessary documents online – documents including income, identity and residential proof can be uploaded online in a hassle free manner.

How to apply for American Express iBanking?

If you hold an American Express credit card, you are eligible to apply for American Express iBanking services. You will receive details of your login credentials on your registered mailing address after you receive your credit card. Also, upon receiving your American Express credit card, you can install the American Express Mobile Application and login with your credit card details. You can login with your details and register for iBanking services even on the American Express website with your credit card details.

In any case, if you haven’t received iBanking access as a credit card holder, you can contact the American Express hotline number (customer service number) and raise a query.

How to login to American Express iBanking?

You can login to the American Express iBanking by entering your login credentials. You can set a pattern or a password on the American Express app by using your registered mobile number and your credit card details and login using the set pattern or password.

Benefits of having American Express iBanking access

There are various benefits if having access to American Express iBanking services. Let us look at some notable benefits that can be enjoyed:

Convenience in bill payment: Logging in with your iBanking credentials and paying your credit card bill is perhaps the easiest way to make bill payments. You can see your statement on the iBanking interface and pay your monthly bills with absolute ease.

Information on Amex products: Through the iBanking interface, you can see details of various banking products available to you. From various types of credit cards to loans, you can get information on an array of subjects.

Keeping a tab on your expenses: One of the most important benefits of having an iBanking account is that you can keep a tab on all expenses you made. Every single transaction you make is recorded for your reference. You can view monthly bill statements and accordingly plan your expenditure better.

Applying for new products: You can apply for new products on the American Express iBanking portal as well. You can apply for a personal loan or new credit card quite seamlessly. An executive from the bank will contact you and take your application process forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How secure is iBanking?
  2. Banks have a strong security architecture that prevents compromise of customer related information. Transactions taking place on the iBanking platform are also protected, requiring authentication by the customer to complete the transaction. iBanking is known to be secure at all times and customers can be confident of their information not being compromised from security

  3. Can you apply for a personal loan on the American Express iBanking platform?
  4. American Express mostly deals with credit cards and does not allow customers to apply for Personal loan products.

  5. Can you perform transactions if your mobile number isn’t registered with American Express?
  6. You need your mobile number to be registered with American Banking in order for you to get information on transactions performed on your credit card. If your mobile number isn’t registered with the bank, you will fail from receiving important communication from the bank.

  7. Does the American Express iBanking platform provide investment options?
  8. No, the American Express iBanking platform does not provide investment options. Only information on credit card promotions and credit card related details can be found on the platform.

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