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    AIG Travel Insurance are insurance plans brought to you by AIG Bank with the support of ATAP (AIG Travel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd). AIG allows its patrons the opportunity to choose insurance for individual or for their entire family. Frequent travellers can opt for annual multi-trip travel insurance plans.

    AIG Travel insurance also provides 3 tiers of insurance protection - premier, superior and classic. Classic is the most basic travel insurance plan available. Still it provides quite an adequate array of coverage. Superior and premier are costlier travel insurance plans, and hence, covers a wider range of supplementary benefits such as golf advantage and pet care.

    AIG Travel Insurance

    Types of AIG Travel Insurance

    There are mainly two types of Travel Insurance provided by AIG. They are as follows:

    • Student Assist: This travel insurance plan is designed to serve students specifically and any student studying a full-time course outside of Singapore can avail of its benefits. This plan can be further divided into 6-month and annual plan , individual and family plan.
    • Travel Guard: This is a traditional travel insurance policy that provides for comprehensive coverage including coverage for medical, accident and any inconvenience arising during travelling. This plan can be further divided into single-trip or annual plan, and individual and family plan.
    • AIG Annual Multi-Trip Plan: If you are frequent traveller and take at least three trips in a year, you can choose AIG’s annual multi-trip plan for more value and less hassle. This plan provides complete protection for any number of overseas trips you take in the policy year – as long as each trip is less than 90 days. Additionally, this plan offers immediate coverage whenever you travel. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from individual and family plans. The family plan covers you, your spouse and your children. The coverage under family plan applies even when you or your spouse travel independently. Your children, however, can’t travel independently.

    AIG Income Travel Insurance Coverage

    Travel Insurance coverage for Student Assist Plan:

    Benefits Coverage
    Medical expenses incurred due to accidents S$15,000
    Evacuation in case of a medical emergency Unlimited
    Expenses for repatriation (bringing back mortal remains to Singapore) Unlimited
    Hospital visits:
    • Travel expenses for a family member in case the insured is admitted in a hospital in excess of 5 days.
    • Travel expenses for the insured to get back in case a family member is hospitalised for excess of 5 days.
    Sponsor Protection to cover S$15,000
    Study Interruption S$10,000
    Felony battery and assault S$75,000
    Accidental death or permanent disability S$150,000
    Loss of baggage S$2,000
    Damage/loss of Laptop S$1,000
    Travel document loss S$500
    Delays in baggage arrival S$500
    Unforeseen delays during travel S$500
    Personal liability for property damage caused by the Insured S$300,000
    Overseas residence property damage and theft cover in absence of the Insured at the residence. S$3,000
    24/7 emergency assistance Included
    Medical expenses for sickness and accident (Optional) covers the following:
    • Injury because of a sickness or an accident overseas.
    • Follow-up treatment for sickness or injury up to S$5,000 in Singapore.

    •Plan A: S$20,000

    •Plan B: S$80,000

    •Plan C: S$120,000

    Travel Insurance coverage for Travel Guard Plan:

    Coverage for Travel Guard Plan can be separated into the 4 different categories. The benefits covered under each category are given below:

    1. Medical and Travel Benefits:
    Sl. No Benefits Premier Superior Classic
    1 Medical Expenses Overseas for Injury or Sickness:

    •For those under 70 years in age

    S$2,500,000 S$1,000,000 S$200,000

    •For those aged 70 years and more

    S$200,000 S$75,000 S$50,000
    • Insured Child Per Trip Plan
    S$300,000 S$200,000 S$200,000
    2 Post Trip Medical Expenses Incurred in Singapore:
    2a i. For any injury sustained overseas. ii. For any sickness that afflicted when overseas and emergency medical evacuation had to be arranged.
    • For those under 70 years in age
    S$50,000 S$25,000 S$10,000

    •For those aged 70 years and more

    S$5,000 S$2,500 S$1,000
    • Insured Child Per Trip Plan
    S$10,000 S$10,000 S$10,000
    2b For any sickness that afflicted when overseas and treatment/follow-up medical check-ups after returning to Singapore.
    • For those under 70 years in age
    S$10,000 S$5,000 S$2,000

    •For those aged 70 years and more

    S$5,000 S$2,500 S$1,000

    •Insured Child Per Trip Plan

    S$5,000 S$2,500 S$1,000
    3 Reimbursement for Mobility Aid S$2,000 S$1,000 Not Applicable
    4 Medical Expenses – Women’s Benefit S$8,000 S$5,000 S$2,000
    5 Treatment by a Physician S$750 S$500 Not Applicable
    6 Overseas Hospital Income S$50,000 S$30,000 S$10,000
    7 Hospital Income in Singapore S$1,500 S$1,000 S$500
    8 Evacuation in case of a medical emergency Unlimited Unlimited S$500,000
    9a Repatriation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    9b Repatriation for a Medical Condition existing before the travel commenced.

    •For those under 70 years in age

    S$ S$ S$
    • For those aged 70 years and more
    S$ S$ S$
    • Insured Child Per Trip Plan
    S$ S$ S$
    10a Direct Repatriation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    10b Direct Repatriation for a Medical Condition that existed before the travel commenced.

    •For those under 70 years in age

    S$150,000 S$150,000 S$150,000
    • For those aged 70 years and more
    S$75,000 S$75,000 S$75,000
    • Insured Child Per Trip Plan
    S$100,000 S$100,000 S$100,000
    11 Hospital Visits S$15,000 S$10,000 S$5,000
    12 Compassionate Visit S$10,000 S$5,000 S$3,000
    13 Protector for a Child S$10,000 S$5,000 S$3,000
    14 Emergency Telephone Charges S$300 S$250 S$100
    15 Auto-extension of Policy Term Period Yes Yes Yes
    1. Personal Accident Benefits:
    Sl. No Benefits Premier Superior Classic
    16 Accidental Death and Permanent Disability

    • For those under 70 years in age

    S$300,000 S$200,000 S$100,000

    • For those aged 70 years and more

    S$150,000 S$100,000 S$50,000

    • Insured Child Per Trip Plan

    S$100,000 S$100,000 S$50,000
    17 Double cover for Natural Disaster/Common Carrier

    • For those under 70 years in age

    S$600,000 S$400,000 Not Applicable

    • For those aged 70 years and more

    S$300,000 S$200,000 Not Applicable

    • Insured Child Per Trip Plan

    S$200,000 S$200,000 Not Applicable
    18 Grant for Child’s Education: S$5,000 for each child for up to 4 children. S$20,000 S$20,000 Not Applicable

      Travel Inconvenience Benefits:

    Sl. No Benefits Premier Superior Classic
    19 Cancellation of Travel Plans S$15,000 S$10,000 S$5,000
    20 Postponement of Travel S$2,000 S$1,000 S$500
    21 Traveller Replacement S$1,000 S$500 Not Applicable
    22 Cancellation of Travel Plans as a result of Insolvency S$5,000 S$3,000 S$1,000
    23 Curtailment of Travel S$15,000 S$10,000 S$5,000
    24 Fraudulent Use of Credit Card S$3,000 S$2,000 S$1,000
    25 Personal Baggage Loss (including Laptop) S$10,000 S$5,000 S$3,000
    26 Loss of Jewellery S$1,000 S$500 S$100
    27 Delay in Baggage Arrival

    •Individual - S$200 per 6 hours

    S$1,600 S$1,200 S$1,000

    • Family - S$500 per 6 hours

    S$4,000 S$3,000 S$2,500
    28 Personal Money and Travel Documents S$8,000 S$5,000 S$1,000
    29 Delay in Travel

    • Individual - S$200 for every 6 hours

    S$3,000 S$2,000 S$1,000

    • Family - S$500 for every 6 hours

    S$7,500 S$5,000 S$2,500
    30 Hostage/Kidnapping Scenario S$10,000 S$5,000 S$3,000
    31 Common Carrier Hijack S$10,000 S$5,000 S$3,000
    32 Personal Liability Overseas S$1,000,000 S$1,000,000 S$1,000,000

      Supplementary Benefits:

    Sl. No Benefits Premier Superior Classic
    33 Golf Advantage

    • Loss /Damage of Golfing Equipments

    S$1,500 S$1,000 Not Applicable

    • Hole-in-One

    S$250 S$250 Not Applicable

    • Loss of Green Fees Usage

    S$250 S$250 Not Applicable
    34 Sporting Equipment Loss S$2,000 S$1,000 Not Applicable
    35 Home Guard protection against damage/loss of goods at overseas residence S$5,000 S$5,000 Not Applicable
    36 Excess Charges for Car Rental and Return S$1,500 S$1,000 Not Applicable
    37 Pet Care S$750 S$500 Not Applicable
    38 Benefits for Disruption S$750 S$500 S$100
    39 Terrorism Cover Yes Yes Not Applicable
    40 Assistance Services Yes Yes Yes

    How to Apply for AIG Travel Insurance

    AIG Travel Insurance Policy can be applied for via the following channels:

    • AIG website: Travel insurance seekers can purchase AIG travel insurance directly from their website any time they want using Visa or MasterCard credit cards to make the payment.
    • AIG mobile app: Travellers can purchase AIG travel insurance immediately through the AIG mobile app available for both Android and iOS phones. Payment can be made using their Visa or MasterCard credit cards.
    • AXS machines: AXS is an e-payment service with over 900 payment stations islandwide. Aig Insurance can be bought at any of these AXS stations.
    • Agent or Brokers: Travellers can choose to contact AIG agents or brokers and get the required travel insurance.
    • Travel Agents: Some selected agents facilitating travel are authorised to provide access to AIG travel insurance to their customers. In these case, the payment mode for insurance depends on what is the preferred method of the said travel agent.

    How to Claim Your AIG Travel Insurance

    To make a claim against a Student Assist Plan:

    • Download the relevant form from the AIG Insurance website.
    • Ready all the documents that are needed for a staking that claim.
    • Fill up the claims form and submit it along with the required documents to: AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. AIG Building 78 Shenton Way #07-16 Singapore 079120

    To make a claim against Travel Guard Plan:

    • The insurance policyholder can call AIG’s claims hotline 24x7 at 6224 3698.
    • They also need to fill out the form relevant to their claim. The following forms are available for Travel Guard insurance:
      • Medical Claim - Travel Guard Claim Form
      • Inconvenience Claim - Travel Guard Claim Form
      • Medical & Inconvenience Claim - Travel Guard Claim Form
    • Policyholders need to find out what are the documents required for filing their claim from the list provided at the AIG Insurance website.

    Check your Eligibility for AIG Travel Insurance

    For Student Assist Plan:

    • The policyholder has to be between 15 years and 45 years old.
    • The insured should be attending a registered educational institution outside Singapore, studying a course full-time.

    For Travel Guard Plan:

    • The traveller must be embarking on the journey from Singapore.
    • They must have a residential address in Singapore.
    • Travellers can be of any age, can be an individual or a family.

    Key Benefits of Buying AIG Travel Insurance

    • Travellers can get help to pay for their medical expenses overseas.
    • AIG Travel Insurance covers for loss of personal belongings as well.
    • Between its 3 tiers of insurance coverage, AIG Travel Insurance provides one of the widest range of benefits.
    • The Student Assist travel insurance plan protects the tuition fees of the students.
    • AIG Travel Insurance has its own global assistance company with 8 emergency assistance points around the world and provide assistance 24x7 for travel-related issues.
    • AIG Insurance is one of the few plans available to provide conveyance for hospital visits both ways - for the insured back to Singapore and their family to the foreign shores.
    • This insurance also protects travel plans against cancellation because of insolvency.
    • AIG Travel Insurance provides insurance protection across 3 travel zones. Each zones have a list of countries under it. Depending on the travel zone, the insurance premium and duration varies.
    • AIG Travel Insurance is very flexible with separate options for students, individuals and families. In addition, frequent travellers can also go for an Annual Multi-trip plan to cover all their trips under one protection plan.
    • AIG reimburses claims which are approved down to the last penny. Thus, the entire amount mentioned in the insurance policy document against a particular type of claim gets paid to the policyholder.

    AIG Travel Insurance Hotline

    AIG has two different hotlines for different use - one for travel assistance and another for claims:

    • 24-hour worldwide assistance: This hotline provides for emergency assistance or travel advice, whatever a traveller needs while overseas. The 24x7 expert hotline number is: +65 6733 2552.
    • 24-hour claims hotline: AIG has a separate dedicated hotline for claims to address all questions related to settling an insurance claim. The claims hotline number is: +65 6224 3698.

    News About AIG Travel Insurance

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