• AIG Travel Insurance Claim

    In Singapore, travel insurance is one of the most searched terms. This is because Singaporeans love to travel and through experience, they have realised that disruptions are downsides to travel and can’t be completely avoided.

    To insure yourself against any inconvenience to which a monetary value can be attributed, you can apply for AIG travel insurance.

    During your domestic or overseas travel, you can face any of the following inconveniences:

    • Loss of personal belongings
    • Damage to personal effects
    • Flight issues including cancellations, delays and disruption
    • Fraudulent credit card transactions or loss of money
    • Accidents leading to injury, total permanent disability (TPD) or death
    • Medical emergencies

    This travel insurance provides you coverage against all of these disruptions. You’re advised to file your claim request as soon as possible following the event. Remember that your claim request will be considered to be valid if you raise it within 30 days from the date of occurrence of the event.

    Mandatory Documents for AIG Travel Insurance Claims

    Before you fill the claim form online and submit it, you can start by filing a preliminary report which provides a short gist of your personal details, policy details, nature of the claim and a short description of the event giving rise to the claim.

    In addition to filling out the claim form, you’ll also have to submit the following documents for verification and reference:

    • Your entire travel itinerary
    • A facsimile copy of your valid passport

    AIG Travel Insurance claims will require different sets of documents. They are as follows:

    Unauthorised Use of Credit Cards or Loss/Theft of Money

    • A written confirmation from your issuing bank as proof of your diligence in informing the bank about the alleged fraud and a report on all the benefits that may be available in case of such a loss.
    • Proof of the investigation that was carried out by the bank in relation to this incident.
    • Evidences of reports filed with the police, the hotel or other relevant authorities.

    Expenses Related to Medical Emergencies

    • In-patient discharge summary in case of hospitalisation.
    • Original medical receipts and bills showing expenses incurred on medicines, doctor’s fees, invasive and non-invasive processes like surgeries and tests.
    • Any other memorandum, report or bill that provides insight into the exact nature of the medical emergency and the expenses incurred.

    Payment of Excesses on Your Car Rental Charges

    If you have paid additional charges to repair damages of your hired car, you’ll be indemnified for your loss. You’ll have to produce the following documents:

    • A full report on the nature and extent of damage
    • A copy of the car rental agreement
    • The original repair bills and receipts

    Coverage for Flight Delay

    • A report of your travel itinerary and your boarding pass
    • A letter from the airline stating and accepting flight delay

    Coverage for Flight Postponement, Cancellation or Disruption

    • Original invoice of flight ticket purchase and proof of confirmation of booking
    • For claiming disruption benefit, provide proof of frequent flyer miles or details of unused entertainment ticket/s
    • Letter of refund issued by the airline, if any
    • Medical proof of fitness to undertake air travel, wherever applicable

    Coverage for Delay in Luggage Arrival

    • Boarding pass and travel itinerary for the trip
    • Report filed against luggage irregularity
    • Acknowledgement receipt clearly stating the date and time of arrival of luggage

    Coverage for Personal Accident Leading to Injury, Disability or Death

    • Report of police investigation into the alleged accident
    • Autopsy (in case of death), toxicology and medical reports
    • Death certificate
    • Proof of relationship of the claimant with the insured/policyholder in case of death
    • Copy of letter of administration of estate or grant of probate, wherever applicable
    • For claiming child education grant benefit, provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate (in case of death of the insured)

    Insurance Coverage for Personal Liability Abroad

    • Proof of correspondence with third party representatives
    • Original receipts of payments that have been made
    • Full report of your involvement in the incident leading to third-party claim
    • Details of involvement of a legal counsel appointed by you

    Coverage for Loss of Travel Documents

    • A copy of the police report
    • Original receipts and bills in relation to transportation arranged for obtaining replacement for lost travel documents
    • Proof of replacement travel documents and corresponding receipts

    How to Make a Claim?

    You can fill out and submit the claim form available online or you can download the form, fill it out and send it through mail to the Travel Claims Department of AIG Singapore.

    Time Taken to Process Your Claim Request

    Following the acceptance of your request as valid, the reimbursement may be initiated within 10 business days, subject to submission of all the documents and emergence of no further query. If additional documents are required or answers to specific queries are needed, more time may be required.

    You can expect AIG to keep you informed of the status of your claim request through mail or post. You may also call their hotline number to check on the status of your application.

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