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    Everyone needs a car in today’s world but buying a car is not enough. With the increasing number of accidents every day, it is safer for an individual to get his car insured. Given that, Motor insurance proves to be of great help as not only does it provide cover against all damages to you and your car, but it also protects you from all third party liabilities.

    AIG Overview

    As one of the largest General Insurance companies present in Singapore, AIG Asia Pacific Insurance has been offering service to the community since the year 1953. AIG has several innovative insurance solutions designed to serve their customers and their changing needs.

    Life comes with a lot of unpredicted events and it is best to keep yourself safe from these situations. AIG offers comprehensive motor insurance plans which provides you with several offers and benefits. Not only does it offer cover for all the damages after an accident, but it also takes care of all third party liabilities.

    Types of AIG Motor Insurance

    To cater to the changing needs of the customers, AIG offers different motor insurance plans.

    • AutoPlan
    • AutoPlus
    • AutoValue

    AIG AutoPlan Motor Insurance

    The AutoPlan Motor Insurance Scheme offered by AIG provides a lot of flexibility along with extended coverage. You can also choose any workshop for the accident repairs and the policy is highly customizable.

    Features and Benefits of AIG AutoPlan Motor Insurance

    • AutoPlan Insurance policy will provide the complete purchase price of a brand new vehicle in case of total loss or damage to a vehicle during an accident. The new car would be the same make and model as the previous one and must be less than 12 months old from the date of registration.
    • Avail Personal Accident Cover up to an amount of S$20000 in case of an unfortunate accidental event of permanent disability or death of the insured. Not only does this protect you, but it also offers protection for your loved ones. Personal accident cover for the co passengers is up to an amount of S$10000
    • After an accident, you can send your car for repair to any workshop of your choice. This provides a lot of flexibility in the plan and does not restrict you from choosing your repair garage.
    • AIG AutoPlan insurance policy covers the replacement cost of the motor lock and key. Along with this, the policy ensures locksmith or towing service in a situation when you accidentally lock your keys inside the car. The protection cost is up to an amount of S$800.
    • Avail cover for windscreen damage with automatic reinstatement.
    • The policy protects your car by providing insurance cover against windstorm and flood damages.
    • Avail a replacement car for 10 days when your car is in the workshop for the repair, after an accident.
    • You can set the age condition to your motor insurance policy. The premium is lower for higher age condition.

    AIG AutoPlus Motor Insurance

    The AIG AutoPlus Motor Insurance plan is a flexible plan which not only covers your car from damages caused by an accident, but also, offers you a wide range of workshops to choose from for your motor repair.

    Features and Benefits of AIG AutoPlus Motor Insurance

    • Avail Personal accident cover up to an amount of S$50000 in an unfortunate event of permanent disability or death while traveling in a car. The policy also provides cover for the co-passengers up to an amount of S$10000 each.
    • At a workshop authorised by AIG, S$600 repair excess can be waived with the 50% NCD (No Claim Discount) entitlement. Enjoy a repair excess waiver of S$300 for NCD less than 50%
    • If the insured motor is less than 12 months old from the date of registration, then AutoPlus will pay for a brand new car, of the same model and make, in case of total damage to the car due to an accident.
    • Roadside Assistance not only helps you when your car has a sudden mechanical problem, but it also provides towing services in case of a breakdown.
    • The AutoPlus insurance policy provides the cost of replacing the car lock and key, in case of theft, break-in or robbery.
    • Avail cover against windstorm and flood damages.
    • The flexibility of the plan allows you to set an age condition to your policy. The premium is lower when the age condition is higher.

    AIG AutoValue Motor Insurance

    The AIG AutoValue Motor insurance plan takes care of all the basic car insurance needs and offers protection to you and your car.

    Features and Benefits of AIG AutoValue Motor Insurance

    • The personal accident cover can be of great help in an unfortunate event of permanent disability or death caused by an accident. The cover amount provided to the insured is up to an amount of S$20000. This policy also covers the co-passengers up to an amount of S$ 10000 each.

    • In case of a robbery, theft or break-in, the AIG AutoValue motor insurance policy will provide the cost of repairing the vehicle lock and key. The policy also offers towing service or locksmith cost, in case your keys get locked inside the car.

    • The policy takes care of all third party liabilities arising in an event of accident

    • AutoValue insurance policy provides cover against damages caused to your vehicle by windstorms and floods

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    FAQs - AIG Motor Insurance

    1. What are the types of Motor Insurance plans offered by AIG?

      AIG offers three different types of motor insurance plans, namely, AutoPlan, AutoPlus and AutoValue.

    2. What is the amount of personal accident cover offered by AutoPlan motor insurance?

      The insured is provided with a personal accident cover of up to S$20000 with the AIG AutoPlan motor insurance policy.

    3. Will I get a replacement car when my car goes for repair?

      Yes. You will get a replacement car with guaranteed availability for 10 days.

    4. What should I do in case of a sudden breakdown?

      The roadside assistance will not only help you with any mechanical problem in your car, but it will also provide towing services, if required.

    5. What should I do in case of a theft, burglary or break-in?

      In case of a burglary, break-in or theft, AIG motor insurance will provide you with cost of the vehicle lock and key repairs.

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