• AIG Group Corporate Travel And Group Personal Accident Insurance

    Risks don’t knock on the door before coming into your life. Individuals must prepare themselves well and should be capable of dealing with all types of problems. With Travel, Global Health and Personal Accident insurance offered by AIG, you can feel completely safe and secure.

    AIG Overview

    AIG (American International Group) was established in the year, 1953 and they have become one of the largest General Insurance companies in Singapore. AIG offers innovative solutions to its customers which helping them meet various needs.

    AIG Insurance understands that employees form the most valuable asset to a company. Thus, they have specifically designed solutions for various companies to provide cover to their employees.

    Features of AIG Group (Travel, Personal Accident, Global Health) Insurance

    • Corporate Assist
    • Group Personal Accident
    • Group Plus
    • Esteem
    • Global Health Advantage Plan

    AIG Corporate Assist

    AIG Group Corporate Assist ensures that the employees of a company can travel in peace. No matter what the travel pattern is, AIG has a solution to offer which provides protection during travel.

    Features and Benefits

    • The maximum length should be 120 days for each business trip.
    • The scheme covers personal deviation after and before a particular business trip.
    • The insurance covers an individual up to an age of 80 years.
    • The customer can avail 24 hour medical assistance, 24 hour travel information and some leisure travel coverage.

    AIG Group Personal Accident

    This particular policy provides you with a choice of offering cover to your employee only during the work hours or on a 24 hour basis.

    Features and Benefits

    • There are several benefits offered by this policy, namely, permanent disabilities, accidental injuries or death as well as emergency medical evacuation, hospital allowance and medical reimbursements.
    • This policy can cover all classes of employees and this policy is available to almost all industries.

    AIG Group Plus

    Group Plus is a comprehensive plan provided by AIG which includes Travel Insurance policy and Group Personal Accident policy. It is designed in a way to provide more scope and flexibility by removal of age limits and traditional exclusions along with several additional benefits.

    Features and Benefits

    • The benefits offered by this plan with respect to Personal Accident covers permanent disabilities like Paraplegia, loss of kidney, loss of spleen, Quadriplegia, lower jaw treatment, etc.
    • On the other hand, the Travel Insurance offers 24X7 medical assistance through their helpline number.
    • Not only do they provide trip-planning services for the employees, but also, help employees to relay messages to their families or the business associates in case of emergencies.

    AIG Esteem

    The Esteem policy provides security to employees in case of an unfortunate accidental event. The Group Personal Accident plan offers comprehensive and affordable protection including post-hospitalization medication and consultation and education funds for children.

    Features and Benefits

    • The policy provides 24 hour protection to the insured and offers different plans to suit the budget of the organisation.
    • Not only does the policy focus on providing cover against acts of terrorism, riots and strikes, but it also offers security by protecting the individual against several natural perils.
    • Added options like repatriation indemnity and emergency medical evacuation can be availed with this policy.
    • The policy also protects individuals against unprovoked murder and other assaults.

    AIG Global Health Advantage Plan (For Group)

    Health Insurance plans are offered by AIG which allows the organisations to manage all sorts of medical insurance needs meant for the employees, in a better way. The plan provides several customised benefits and premium discounts.

    Features and Benefits

    Advantage 100

    • Maximum coverage that can be availed is up to S$ 300,000 per disability.
    • Choice of deductibles start at S$600 per disability.
    • The coverage can be availed worldwide.
    • Enjoy low insurance premiums.

    Advantage 200

    • Every year a customer can enjoy insurance coverage up to S$300,000.
    • Avail coverage for outpatient treatments.

    Advantage 300

    • Avail the option to exclude North American coverage.
    • This particular plan provides cover for all in-patient treatments along with pre and post hospitalisation cover.
    • Maximum coverage that can be availed with this plan is up to S$ 3,800,000.

    Advantage 400

    • Maximum coverage of up to S$ 3,800,000.
    • Avail insurance cover for all inpatient and outpatient treatments.

    Advantage 500

    • Maternity cover is provided up to an amount of S$12,500.
    • All inpatient and outpatient treatments are covered under the Advantage 500 plan.
    • Maximum coverage that can be availed per year is S$3,800,000.

    Eligibility - AIG Group Insurance


    There are three occupational classes that are eligible for this policy.

    • Class 1 includes professionals engaged in clerical, administrative and executive duties.
    • Class 2 comprises of people undertaking skilled or semi-skilled duties and are not exposed to any hazard, whatsoever.
    • Class 3 includes people associated with duties which require tremendous amount of manual labour.

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    FAQs - AIG Group Insurance

    1. What is the maximum coverage that can be availed under Advantage 500 plan?
    2. The maximum coverage that can be availed under Advantage 500 plan is S$ 3,800,000.

    3. What is the maximum length of a business trip under Corporate Assist plan?
    4. A maximum of 120 days can be availed while on a business trip under the Corporate Assist plan.

    5. Can I avail medical assistance with travel insurance?
    6. Yes, you are provided with 24X7 medical assistance under travel insurance.

    7. Who are eligible for the Esteem policy?
    8. There are three classes which are eligible for Esteem policy. Class 1 comprises of people engaged in administrative and clerical duties. Class 2 includes people engaged in semi-skilled or skilled duties whereas class 3 includes people who put in a lot of manual labour at work.

    9. What is the age limit of Corporate Assist plan?
    10. Corporate Assist plan can be enjoyed up to an age of 80 years.

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