• AIG Commercial Motor Insurance

    With growing industrialisation and development, the demand for commercial vehicles is also increasing. But the roads are unsafe and looking at the number of accidents that happen every day, it is best to get your commercial vehicle insured. The commercial vehicle insurance not only covers your motor against damages caused by an accident, but also, protects you from third party liabilities.

    AIG Overview

    AIG Asia Pacific has been providing service to people in Singapore since 1953, and has turned out to be one of the largest General Insurance companies present there. With several innovative solutions, AIG has taken care of the changing needs of its customers.

    With growing business needs, commercial motors have been in great demand. To enhance your security, it is best that you opt for a comprehensive insurance plan which covers you against all damages and protects you from third party liabilities.

    Types of AIG Commercial Motor Insurance

    AIG offers two Commercial Motor Insurance plans to cater to its customers’ needs.

    • Commercial AutoPlan
    • Commercial AutoPlus

    AIG Commercial AutoPlan Insurance

    This commercial motor insurance policy from AIG offers a comprehensive coverage, and does not restrict you from choosing your desired workshop for damage repairs caused in a particular accident. It comes with flexible features and also takes care of third party liabilities arising in an event of accident.

    Features and Benefits of AIG Commercial AutoPlan Insurance

    • The policy provides unlimited liability cover for any third party death or bodily injury caused in an accident. For any third party property damage, the policy offers cover up to an amount of S$500,000
    • AIG Commercial AutoPlan does not restrict you from choosing a repair workshop when you send your vehicle for damage repairs
    • The emergency hotline service is available 24X7 and offers medical referral, towing assistance and claims enquiry service
    • The policy pays for replacement of broken windscreen without affecting your No Claim Discount (NCD)
    • Avail up to S$ 800 for replacing your vehicle’s lock and key in case of a break-in, theft or robbery. In case you accidentally lock the keys inside the vehicle, AIG Commercial AutoPlan covers the cost for towing service or locksmith.
    • For individuals with ten or more vehicles, the premium and coverage come with several benefits. Contact AIG for more information

    AIG Commercial AutoPlus Insurance

    Not only does this policy offers comprehensive coverage against damages caused in an accident, but it also provides a range of workshops to choose from when you send your vehicle for repair.

    Features and Benefits of AIG Commercial AutoPlus Insurance

    • AIG, with its panel of authorised workshops, offers quality repairs after an accident. The workmanship along with the replacement parts and repairs will be entitled to six months of warranty
    • You may choose to send your damaged vehicle to a sole agent’s workshop for repairs, if your vehicle is less than 3 years old
    • The policy protects you against all third party liabilities caused in an accident by providing unlimited liability cover for third party death or bodily injuries
    • Avail medical assistance, towing assistance and claim enquiry information provided by the 24X7 emergency hotline service.
    • The policy will pay for damaged lock and key of your car in case of theft, robbery or break-in. The cover amount provided by the policy is up to S$ 800.
    • The policy provides cover for the co-passengers in case of an accident.
    • Avail replacement for broken glass of your vehicle’s windscreen or windows. However, this will not affect your No Claim Discount (NCD).

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    FAQs - AIG Commercial Motor Insurance

    1. Do I get a warranty for repairs done in authorised AIG workshops?

      Yes, all the replacement parts, repairs and workmanship are entitled to six months of warranty.

    2. Can I choose a preferred repair workshop for my vehicle?

      AIG Commercial AutoPlan Insurance policy gives you the option to choose your preferred workshop, for the repairs.

    3. What is the cover amount for third party property damage under the AutoPlan Insurance policy?

      For third party property damage, the policy provides cover up to an amount of S$ 500,000.

    4. Will my No Claim Discount be affected when my damaged windscreen is replaced?

      No, your NCD will not be affected in such a case.

    5. Does the policy cover the co-passengers?

      Yes, Commercial Motor Insurance provides comprehensive cover for any damage caused to the co-passengers in an accident.

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