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    AIA, which was started in Bangkok, has been around in Singapore since 1931. The company offers a variety of insurance products including life insurance, medical insurance, savings and investment solutions, and other insurance-related products that cater to the unique needs of the region. AIA’s travel insurance plans are matchless in their comprehensiveness and customisability. Whether it is travel accident insurance, travel inconvenience coverage, or home care during your absence, AIA has a product tailored to your needs.

    Aia Travel Insurance

    Types of AIA Travel Guard and Lifestyle Insurance

    Under the AIA travel and lifestyle insurance category, there are 5 types of insurance products. They are:

    • AIA Around the World Plus: This policy is applicable for travelers and offers coverage for medical expenses incurred overseas, accidental death or disablement, travel inconveniences of any kind, and post-trip health cover in Singapore.
    • AIA Elite Home Care: This policy is designed to protect your house, household articles, family and even pets. You will receive payouts in case of harm to the building and interiors, damage to or theft of personal belongings, furnishings and appliances inside the house, loss of cash, credit cards or documents, legal liability, and other disasters.
    • AIA Domestic Help Cover Plus: This policy helps provide protection to domestic helps employed by you. It covers medical bills of the domestic help, disability or death of the domestic help, support for the employer, third party liability in case the domestic help injures another person, and other government guarantees.
    • AIA PAW Safe: This policy offers protection to your pet dogs, and covers veterinary bills, theft of the pet, death of the pet, and third party liability if your dog attacks another person.
    • AIA Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance: This is a home insurance policy which covers your housing loan and takes care of the balance loan amount in case of the policyholder’s death or permanent disablement.

    Out of all these products, Around the World Plus is the only travel insurance plan offered by AIA. This policy has the following sub-types:

    1. AIA Around the World Plus Premier: This is a comprehensive package offering high protection levels for various travel situations. The situations covered by the Premier plan are:
      1. Trip cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances
      2. Trip postponement due to unforeseen circumstances
      3. Trip curtailment due to unforeseen circumstances
      4. Flight route diversion
      5. Flight delay
      6. Missed flight
      7. Flight overbooking
      8. Closure of travel agency
      9. Personal legal liability to another person
      10. Delay in baggage
      11. Loss or damage to jewellery
      12. Loss of baggage and laptops/palmtops
      13. Loss or damage to travel documents, cash or travellers’ cheques
      14. Credit card fraud
      15. Hostage and kidnap situation
      16. Burns
      17. Accidental death or disability
      18. Accidental death when using public transport
      19. Education grant for up to 4 children in case of a parent’s death
      20. Overseas medical expenditure
      21. Overseas medical expenditure related to pregnancy
      22. Post-holiday medical expenditure in Singapore
      23. Treatment with alternative health practices
      24. Daily cash allowance on being hospitalised either in Singapore or abroad
      25. Emergency medical evacuation
      26. Repatriation of mortal remains
      27. Sympathy visits from a friend or relative if you are in hospital abroad
      28. Child care visit to bring your kids back to Singapore if you are in hospital abroad
      29. Reimbursement for emergency telephone charges
      30. Cover for household contents while you are on holiday
      31. Loss or damage to a vehicle you rented
      32. Loss or damage of golfing instruments, loss of use of green fees and hole-in-one
      33. Delay in getting your pet from a pet care centre due to flight delay
      34. Inability to redeem frequent flyer points or event tickets due to unexpected circumstances
      35. Terrorism cover
      36. 30-day policy extension in case you are quarantined or hospitalised outside Singapore
    2. AIA Around the World Plus Deluxe: This policy also offers protection for the same number of situations as the Premier plan, but the coverage amount is slightly lower for each option.
    3. AIA Around the World Plus Classic: The Classic scheme is the simplest level of protection available with AIA. It does not cover the following situations:
      1. Overbooked flight
      2. Accidental death while on a public transport vehicle outside Singapore
      3. Education grant for the children in case of the parents’ death
      4. Cover for household contents while you are on holiday
      5. Golfing protection for hole-in-one and loss of use of green fees
      6. Delay in getting your pet from a pet care centre due to flight delay

    AIA Travel insurance Coverage

    The maximum amount offered to you for various travel-related encumbrances are given in the table below:

    Coverage AIA Around the World Plus Classic AIA Around the World Plus Deluxe AIA Around the World Plus Premier
    Personal accident S$150,000 S$200,000 S$500,000
    Death in public transport NA S$200,000 S$500,000
    Overseas medical expense S$200,000 S$500,000 S$2 million
    Medical expense in Singapore S$10,000 S$25,000 S$50,000
    Personal liability S$1 million S$1 million S$1 million
    Trip cancellation cover S$5,000 S$10,000 S$15,000
    Lost baggage cover S$3,000 S$5,000 S$8,000
    Lost document cover S$3,000 S$5,000 S$5,000
    Missed flights S$200 S$500 S$500
    Hostage and hijacking cover S$3,000 S$5,000 S$10,000
    Terrorism cover Yes Yes Yes

    Note: Certain policy covers such as accidental death and burns would be slightly lower for persons above the age of 70.

    Key Benefits of Buying AIA Travel Insurance

    Why should you buy an AIA Travel Insurance? Here are some very compelling reasons:

    • AIA provides you with all the information related to its policies transparently, allowing you to make a quick decision on purchasing a travel insurance.
    • AIA offers a very comprehensive and competitive cover, with protection against 36 kinds of travel problems.
    • You can customise your policies as per your requirement. The company gives you options of three types of plan (Classic, Deluxe and Premier), single-trip or annual multi-trip alternatives, individual and family schemes, and cover for ASEAN countries, for Asian countries including ASEAN, and global cover for all countries outside Singapore.
    • You don’t need to undergo a medical test to get an AIA travel insurance policy.
    • The policy can be bought for anyone who is more than 2 weeks old.
    • The insurance protection can be extended by up to 30 days in case of overseas hospitalisation, and up to 45 days for follow-up treatment in Singapore.
    • The maximum coverage offered under AIA travel insurance plans is S$2 million.
    • The premium amount can be as low as S$25.20 for a three-day trip in ASEAN countries under the Classic plan.
    • AIA plans can be bought and managed online – even claims can be made through the company’s website.

    Check your Eligibility for AIA Travel Insurance

    To buy an AIA travel insurance plan, you need to meet the following criteria:

    • At least 16 years old
    • Able to pay policy premium
    • Children as young as 2 weeks old can be covered under a policy.
    • Family policy under the single trip plan will cover 2 adults, whether related or unrelated, travelling together with any number of children. The children should legally belong to at least one of the adults.
    • For annual trip plans, family is defined as husband and wife, and the legal children of at least one of them.

    How to Apply for AIA Travel Insurance

    You can apply for an AIA travel insurance policy in the following ways:

    • Apply online through the website of the company.
    • Use the ‘Get in Touch’ option on the website and register your interest in the policy.
    • Find an AIA representative or authorised insurance agent.

    How to Make a Claim for AIA Travel Insurance

    You can make an online claim for the following facets of AIA travel insurance:

    • Overbooked flight
    • Flight diversion
    • Missed flight
    • Delay in travel plans
    • Delay in baggage

    Other claims need to be made at the offices of the company either with a personal visit or by mailing the filled-up claim form and supporting documents to the company. You need to also attach your trip itinerary, original policy document, and photographs and physical evidence in case of damage claim.

    AIA Travel Insurance Hotline

    Customer Care Hotline 1800 248 8000 (from Singapore)

    + 65 62488000 (overseas)

    You can call between Monday and Friday from 8.45am to 5.30pm.

    Email queries sg.ecare@aia.com
    Office address 1 Finlayson Green, Singapore 049246 3 Tampines Grande, Singapore 528799


    1. Can I buy a travel insurance policy if I’ve already left Singapore?

      No, you have to buy a travel insurance plan before you decide to leave Singapore on a holiday or business trip.

    2. How many trips can I make under the annual plan?

      You can make unlimited trips in a year under the annual multiple trip plan. However, the insurance cover will be available only for a maximum of 90 days in a single trip.

    3. For how many days does a single-trip plan protect me?

      A single-trip plan covers you for 182 days in a row.

    4. Does the policy cover pre-existing illnesses?

      No. Pre-existing conditions are among the exclusions of AIA travel insurance. Participating in extreme sports, hazardous activities, and illegal activities are also not covered by the plan.

    5. Can I get a free look period for my policy?

      Free look period, when you can return the policy if you’re not satisfied with it without any additional charges, is available only on annual schemes. The free look period is 14 days. Single policies can be returned without any loss of premium amount if you return it before starting your trip.

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